Another Day with Covid-19 Stress: 5-minute Fixes that can Help You Cope

Another Day with Covid-19 Stress: 5-minute Fixes that can Help You Cope

Stress is no fun and during the pandemic, almost everybody is feeling it. We’ve all heard that too much stress is not good for us but sometimes it’s just so hard to stop those anxious thoughts from showing up. When they do, it can take all the energy you have to keep them at bay.

Stress is pretty much the norm on days like we’ve been having. And is you watch or listen to the news, what is going on in our country right now can make you feel crazy.

So here are some suggestions to help you cope:

  1. Are you staying hydrated? This is very important during these times. So, if you’re not, get a drink of water right now.
  2. Are you nourishing your body every day? It’s important to pay attention to eating regularly and healthfully. It’s too easy to get into bad eating habits during these times. You can answer your craving for chocolate with a treat (dark chocolate is preferred), as long as you have some lettuce once in a while.
  3. Remember to breathe. Take in a deep breath, count to 5 and let it go, also to a count of 5. It is valuable to do this for 5 minutes at a time.
  4. On these kinds of days, it is easy to not bother to take a shower, and to just stay in your jammies all day. If this is true for you, might I suggest a shower or a nice healing bath to calm your nerves.
  5. Have you found yourself not connecting to others as much as you used to? Have you become a bit mopey and depressed? This is certainly an understandable result of being in isolation for so long. You might want to venture outdoors and take a walk. Exercise is a great antidote for depression. Or you might want to call a friend. Or even better, do both.
  6. Do you have trouble quieting your mind or falling asleep? You might want to use a meditation app such as Calm to support you in coming to a peaceful place inside.
  7. If you have a pet, spend time with him or her. Pets can help us produce serotonin in our brains which is a good mood promoter. If you don’t have a pet of your own, spend some time on the internet looking at kitty or puppy videos. It’s easy to bring a smile to you face when you are watching the antics of kittens and puppies.

When you’re feeling anxious and out of sorts, know that relief can be found in 5 minute intervals, and it’s important to remember that just about everyone is feeling the stress so you are in good company.

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